BNB Miner pays a modest 3% daily, allowing investors to rest easy knowing that their investments have unlimited growth potential and a maximum, improbable risk of less than 3%.

Verified Public Contract
The BNB Miner contract is public, verified and can be found on our BSCScan.

How To Mine BNB Effectively
BNB Miner is a Gold mining simulator but instead of gold, you’re mining BNB.

Step 1) Hire Miners with BNB.

Step 2) Your miners will start digging, placing the BNB they find into your barrow. You can hire more miners using the BNB in your barrow to increases your production rate.

Step 3) Alternatively, you can pocket the BNB in your borrow and your miners will continue filling your barrow again.

Miners will continue filling your barrow with BNB non stop, for up to 24 hours. After 24 hours your barrow will become full and miners will stop digging until you’ve used the BNB in your barrow by either hiring more miners or pocketing them. You can hire more miners or pocket your BNB at any time before this 24 hours is up.

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